Across the globe the corona virus affects some individuals more seriously than others. Some have experienced serious illness and some were spared with milder illness and symptoms. While existence of other co-morbidities plays a major role in the severity and course of covid illness. The following factors plays a major role in the severity of Covid-19.

  1. The amount of viral particles exposed and the duration of exposure to the corona virus through respiratory droplets, which is when the virus particles spreads through very fine droplets while talking, sneezing and coughing.

  2. The viral load in the droplets during a transmission plays a significant role in the severity of the disease. This is one of the reason why doctors and healthcare workers have more severe disease progression.

  3. Obesity was a very serious risk factor. Obese patients who are above the age of 60 had higher mortality.

  4. The immune system plays an important role. Some people have immune systems better equipped to tackle the disease than others.

  5. Recently European scientists were also able to observe correlation between blood type and disease severity. Those with blood type A had 50% higher chance of needing oxygen or a ventilator while those with type O appeared to experience a less severe bout of infection.

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