Why India is the Global leader in Covid-19 vaccination?

After helping the world with HCQ and Paracetamol now, India can go beyond its calling and can leverage its position as the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer and as it is part of the search and distribution of the Covid vaccine.

This leverage is possible due to India’s largest vaccine manufacturer in the world known as Serum Institute of India and multiple strategiec collaboration with severa vaccine researchers across the globe. This will ensure India will have a voice in distribution of the vaccine even if there is no Indian vaccine discovered in India.

Interestingly, while India has a presence in most of the international vaccine development programmes, it has no presence in the two Chinese vaccine programmes.

In the past India has received appreciation from other countries for its extraordinary capability to manufacture vaccines in bulk hence, in the event of a new vaccine discovery, India will not be ignored as a manufacturing partner hence it will have a say in its distribution.

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