You are a Doctor and tested positive for Covid-19?

You are a doctor cum warrior, stay calm and be positive. It is as simple. This is your moment of glory like a injured soldier on the battlefield. Read more....

  1. There are two specific symptoms keep in mind other than fever, bodyache and sorethroat. They are loss of smell and loss of taste. This two symptoms are very specific for covid-19.

  2. Two parameters which will be useful during your home isolation. They are Respiratory rate and Oxygen saturation. If RR >24 and 02 sat <94, be alert and seek help in a medical facility as soon as possible.

  3. Salient investigations :

  • Neutrophil: Lymphocyte ratio, 3:1

  • CRP > 100, denotes anticipate for complications

  • Ferritin > 300 microgm/L

  • D- dimer increased in cases of microembolic complications. D-dimer >1mg/L warrants Inj.Enoxaparin , a low molecular weight heparin.

  • LDH may be increased >250

  • Procalcitonin is increased mainly in children.

  • All these acute phase reactants can be tested on from sixth day.

  • Xray shows patchy infiltrates in the periphery

  • CT scan shows patchy ground glass appearance in periphery. More than 25% of lung involvement needs ICU admission.

  • Lastly, IL-6 and this denotes interleukin storm. If it is more than 3times, >80pg/ml, it warrants treatment with tocilizumab inj which is an IL-6 inhibitor.

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